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In a world where social media, material wealth, and success often take center stage, the insidious habit of gatekeeping is far more common than we may realize. It's a practice that stems from a scarcity mindset, a belief that there isn't enough to go around, and it's something that I used to be totally guilty of. In this personal blog, I want to share my journey of overcoming gatekeeping and embracing the belief that there is enough of everything for everyone. I'll also delve into the roots of this issue, which, in my case, can be traced back to my childhood growing up in a fanatical religious home, where money was considered a sin and poverty was seen as a ticket to a richer afterlife.

Breaking Free from Gatekeeping

Gatekeeping is the act of controlling or restricting access to something, whether it's knowledge, opportunities, or resources. It's often driven by a deep fear that if others gain access, there won't be enough left for you. For me, this fear was deeply ingrained, and it was something I carried with me for many years.

My journey to overcoming gatekeeping began with self-awareness. I had to acknowledge that I was guilty of this practice and that it was holding me back in many aspects of my life. I realized that it wasn't just about controlling access to resources; it was about controlling my own self-worth, too. I needed to break free from this scarcity-based mindset, and that meant confronting the source of my beliefs.

The Scarcity-Based Childhood

Growing up in a fanatical religious home, I was taught that money and material possessions were sinful. The prevailing belief was that the poorer you were on Earth, the richer you would be in the kingdom of heaven. This belief is undoubtedly extreme and irrational, but as a child, it left an indelible mark on me. I internalized the idea that having nice things or pursuing material wealth was not only wrong but also inherently selfish.

The scarcity mindset that was instilled in me as a child had a profound impact on how I viewed the world and my role in it. I constantly felt like I had to deny myself the things I wanted, whether it was a new gadget, a dream job, or even a fulfilling relationship. I believed that there wasn't enough of these good things to go around, and that if I pursued them, I would be condemned.

Embracing Abundance

Overcoming gatekeeping required a significant shift in my mindset. I had to challenge the deep-seated belief that there wasn't enough to go around. I started to expose myself to ideas that championed abundance rather than scarcity. I read books, attended seminars, and sought out mentors who encouraged a more positive and open perspective.

One powerful realization was that the world is not a zero-sum game. In fact, the world is abundant in resources, opportunities, and love. There is enough money, fame, success, and happiness to go around for everyone. Embracing this belief allowed me to let go of my gatekeeping tendencies and become more open to sharing knowledge, supporting others, and celebrating their successes.

Gatekeeping is a mindset that can be challenging to overcome, especially when it's rooted in childhood experiences. In my case, my upbringing in a fanatical religious home that emphasized the sinfulness of material wealth and success created a scarcity mindset that I carried into adulthood. However, by acknowledging my gatekeeping tendencies and embracing the belief that there is enough for everyone, I was able to break free from this damaging pattern.

It's important to remember that healing from childhood wounds and letting go of scarcity-based beliefs is a continuous journey. But with self-awareness, a commitment to personal growth, and a belief in abundance, we can all overcome gatekeeping and create a more inclusive and supportive world for ourselves and others.



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